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Your Year. Your Vote. Our Futuro.

This year, over 800,000 Latinxs will turn 18 and be able to show their power as a citizen by voting. We’re here to make sure that all of us cast a ballot in November.

Our community shows its resilience every day, and voting is one of the most powerful ways to take a stand.

Learn which candidates share your values and want to protect what’s most important to you, then support them as much as you can.
We can make a difference in every election.

This time, it starts with you:

1. Register to vote below.

2. Share on Facebook and get everyone else on board.

3. Donate to our efforts if you can, and help us make sure every eligible Latinx registers and votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2008, UnidosUS has registered more than 600,000 voters and motivated them to take their newfound power to the polls. The Power of 18 voter engagement campaign builds on our history as the largest Latino-led voter registration organization in the country to energize and mobilize the Latino community to register and vote in November.

Power of 18 engages potential voters via on-the-ground canvassing concentrated in Florida and across the country, and through digital platforms. The campaign engages, educates, and assists eligible voters where they are, shows them the value in voting, helps them register when possible, and helps them advocate to others. And related UnidosUS initiatives such as the High School Democracy Project and the Latino Empowerment and Advocacy Project integrate the values of civic engagement into school and community programs to build the next generation of voters.

States have different rules around voter registration—so the exact details will differ depending on where you live. But get started with the module above and we’ll walk you through it! Registering to vote is easy and super important.

The best answer is: right now! Voting deadlines differ from state to state, and primary elections will take place throughout the year leading up to the November 2018 elections. Don’t wait — register to vote right now!

Get Involved

Ready to make your voice heard? Great! Your task is simple:

  1. If you’re not registered to vote, or if you’re not sure, check right now using our module.
  2. Get the word out: Share the website with your friends and family on Facebook.
  3. Chip in to support UnidosUS’s voter registration efforts, and help make sure as many people as possible get the information they need to register to vote.